The story


I'm T, one of the founders here at Mint hockey. Here's a little bit about us and where we came from.

My partner in crime, S, and I are both former hockey players from Minny and we're jacked you stopped by. Actually, I should be honest. Calling me a former "hockey player" is generous. Role player, character guy, wagon, grinder, and general liability are all more accurate. Let's just say I never had a coach who didn't regularly remind me to "keep it simple" and "move the puck up to the forwards ASAP".

That said, sucking at hockey is probably one of the best things that ever happened to me. Not only did it teach me to be humble, but it also forced me to focus on the things I was good at... like engineering, product development, supply chain, business, and marketing.... tack on 12 years and a lot of focus on those things and here I am.... back in the game as the ultimate role player, dedicated to helping hockey players everywhere take their game to the next level.

As for S, he was the real deal. I can't share a lot but let's just say he holds a few records at the next level and is jacked to begin our journey. A journey that starts here and ends with you (or your son/daughter) taking their shot to the next level.